The Darkest Nothing: Paraphrenia

1h 45m 1000


Addicted to violent disturbing images and videos on the Dark Web, Judy is in desperate need of help. Her psychiatrist William tries a unique method on Judy that takes her deep inside her most brutal fantasies, she participates in...

Judy is a mental patient, who suffers from the Fregoli Delusion, a rare case in which a person cannot identify faces, not being able to tell what is real and what isn't. After waking up inside a green van in the middle of a field, Judy manages to get back home. With her cell phone being broken, she grabs her laptop to seek help. The first thing she sees is an e-mail from her best friend Mark, with a file attachment, a video file. She opens the video and witnesses Mark committing suicide in front of the camera. The series of shock events force Judy to meet an old girlfriend, Jessica, who also knew Mark. Jessica had a similar experience 6 months ago, with one of her friends committing suicide and also recording it on video. The two girls realize that this cannot be a coincidence. The whole thing brings them very close together, even close to an erotic relationship, which makes Judy even more confused. Under the guidance of her psychologist, Judy is trying to remember, she tries to connect the dots between her abusing father, her dead mother, Mark, Jessica and the true nature of her psychologist. The truth is far more absurd and gruesome compared to her delusions.

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