Latin Boys Go to Hell

Unrated 1h 11m 1997


A cute, openly gay latin boy's hormones go into overdrive when his hunky cousin (Angel) arrives for an extended stay. The two explore the young and sometimes dangerous gay scene in the city's Latin neighborhood, with surprising outcomes.

Five young Latinos with extreme passions interact and eventually explode in this New York City story of self discovery, friction, and resentment. When Justin's incredibly handsome cousin Angel ('John Bryant Davila') comes to stay with Justin and his mother, 20-year-old Justin (Irwin Ossa) is overcome with attraction. But there is one problem, Angel is straight, and fascinated with Andrea (Jenifer Lee Simard). While Andrea is contemplating Angel, her best friend Braulio (Alexis Artiles) and his boyfriend Carlos (Mike Ruiz) are having their own relationship problems. One of these relationships crashes violently, affecting everyone else in a profound way. Written by trivwhiz

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